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Catholic Head Teachers’ National Retreats


Catholic Head Teachers’ National Retreats

The creation of the Catholic Head Teachers’ National Retreat came about as a result of a national consultation across all sectors of the educating community as how best to support head teachers in these challenging times.


The need to nourish, strengthen and support the spiritual wellbeing of head teachers was identified as a key priority.  To date the retreats have proved to be very successful and at the request of the participants have been further developed to include governors.


Flowing from each retreat experience is the possibility of identifying personal spiritual guides for individual retreatants if they so wish.  These spiritual guides accompany head teachers meeting with their personal spiritual guides when requested.






2017 Catholic Headteachers' National Retreat



Feedback from the 2016 Headteachers' National Retreat

Headteachers: Messengers of Hope and Joy - Fr Nicholas King SJ


..... Time out to reflect in such beautiful surroundings.  Meeting new people from all walks of life from across the country.  


...... Not sure what to expect but found it welcoming, inspiring and also relaxing.  Venue is amazing.


..... Thank you so much for organising this opportunity; all Heads should be able to access this as it reminds us of our core purpose in life.  Please have CJM again.


..... Talks were engaging and refreshing.  Interpretation deepened my understanding of the person of Jesus.  I very much enjoyed the exploration of the Gospels and the reminder of holding on to why we do what we do.  Reconciliation service was most appreciated and beautifully done.


..... The quiet calm of the liturgies, the beautiful and uplifting musical accompaniment weaving through the messages of the gospel.

2016 Catholic Headteachers' National Retreat