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Headteachers' National Retreat

Seventh Annual Headteachers' National Retreat


14th - 15th June 2018

Coombe Abbey Hotel


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Discovering the Divine Life - Fr Simon Bishop SJ


Simon was born in Dar es Salaam and grew up in Fiji in the south Pacific.  He studied theology at Cambridge University.  


After graduation he went on to volunteer with Mother Theresa's sisters, The Missionaries of Charity and then trained as a social worker before working in Brixton, trying to prevent homelessness among teenagers.


Having lived, studied and worked in a number of Jesuit schools and in the chaplaincy at the university of Oxford, he is no co-ordinating the spirituality life and work of the Jesuits in Britain.


He says,"the same fire continues to burn within me, the fire of the Lord's love, full of freedom and joy, wanting to bring His healing and His peace to all He asks me to serve".


Brochure for 2018 National Headteachers' Retreat

Booking Form of 2018 National Headteachers' Retreat

Feedback from the 2017 Headteachers' National Retreat

Headteachers: Called to dialogue and encounter - Fr Michael Brehl CSsR


.... An exceptional speaker, humble and modest who spoke from the heart and understood where we are as Catholics today.  Such understanding of the frailty of human nature and the striving to seek Christ in our everyday lives.


.... The music was exceptional and enhanced the liturgies and prayers beautifully.  CJM is always a delight to experience.


.... A wonderful opportunity to take time to reflect on what is important not only as a Catholic leader but as a mother/family member/friend.


.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Impossible to describe the nourishment and the experience of being surrounded by tenderness.  There was a discourse of mercy this year - as Head, I feel so much of what we do is to make sense of things for others and as a London Head, this year I feel especially drained from this because of the disasters.  Never underestimate the beauty of what you provide us with.




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