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National School of Formation

The National School of Formation


As Catholic educators pursue their true mission and core purpose in schools, many are encountering a growing tension between national education policy and their intentions and aspiration for children and young people.  


The National School of Formation has been established to support the call for more effective ad appropriate provision for Headteachers and Governors to realise the true mission of the Church in education.


The National School of Formation is a programme and vehicle to:


  • Support the personal and spiritual development of leaders in education for the renewal of society.
  • explore ways of developing the vision and mission for Catholic education.
  • be a powerful voice for Catholic educators in local and national forums.


"The mission of the Church is to evangelize, for the interior transformation and the renewal of humanity.  For young people, the school is one of the ways for this evangelization to take place".


The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School, 1988 #66



Feedback from the 2016 - 2017 National School of Formation


     All the speakers have inspire me at different levels with the high quality of space, challenge and reflection.  Arriving full of operational  matters, I leave full of mission.  However, due to the high quality of speakers and material, I do act on the ideas and vision.  The year has had a huge impact on me personally but also on my school.


     We have been exposed to speakers who operate at the cutting edge of current theological thinking.  They have all deepened my understanding of leadership, particularly in the context of transformation.  It is so easy to be overwhelmed by day-to-day challenges.  This has give me the space to grow and to step outside my comfort zone and become an agent of change as I recognise I have skills to do this and the responsibility to take action.


     It has helped me as a governor to make sure the mission of the foundation is given time and priority.


     Allowing me to mix with a group of generous Catholic leaders who have developed me highly as a new Head.  The group are so open and motivating.  The school always benefits from the relationships made at the NSF.


     I feel connected to excellence.  I feel connected to a faith group striving to make a different.



Please open the pdf file below for further information.

National School of Formation Booklet

Booking form for the National School of Formation 2018 - 2019

Timetable for year of formation


Part 1 - Annual Headteachers' National Retreat June 14th - 15th June 2018 (option of arriving on the night of the 13th June)

There is also the option of attending the retreat in June 2019 for those participants who are unable to do this in June 2018.


       Part 2 – Immersion Event October 4th  (with the possibility of arriving the evening of the 3rd) till  October 5th 2018.


Part 3 - Theological reflection into transformational practice.  January 9th - 10th  2019


Part 4 - Theological reflection, advocacy for transformation.  March 13th - 14th 2019


Transformational Projects across the UK for Headteachers are arranged on an individual/small group basis.


For further information please contact Brendan Duffy at 07495 294562 or Sr Judith Russi at or mobile number 07729 014144.