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An inspiring speech from Sister Judith

An inspiring speech from Sister Judith

11:54am Thursday 12th September 2013 in Trafford Eucation News


Messenger Newspapers: An inspiring speech from Sister Judith

Pictured with Sister Judith are deputy head girl Tabitha Hockenhull, Chair of Governors Dr. Stephanie Blower, Chief Constable of GMP Sir Peter Fahy, head girl Phoebe Ward, deputy head girl Cynthia Anyaeriuba, headteacher Jane Beever and Mayor of Trafford, Councillor Dylan Butt.



SISTER Judith Russi told girls at Loreto Grammar School that God has given everyone a unique gift that the world is waiting for.


Sister Judith, who became a member of the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur 41 years ago, has devoted her life to Catholic education, working as a teacher, educational consultant, inspector and author both in Britain and overseas.

Sister Judith spoke at Loreto’s recent Speech Night held at the Bridgewater Hall.


Addressing a packed audience she said: “Everyone carries a gift given by God but it takes some people longer to find it. Mine was to work with the poor and marginalised, many from the street, who had little or no chance of making their way in the world without the benefit of a good education.”