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Feedback from the 2017 - 2018 National School of Formation

Feedback from the 2017 - 2018 National School of Formation


‘The programme has made me realise that I have a gift – my Catholic faith, I have the responsibility to use if for the benefit of others’


‘Thank you for the opportunity; it’s already changed my life’


I have the courage to believe I have a voice… I have been able to challenge colleagues and diocesan thinking about Catholic education’


‘It has been like coming out of the darkness … it gave me hope and little by little it has changed me … my heart has melted and beats again with new passion’


‘I have the courage to stop and clearly articulate to others, the purpose of Catholic education’


‘All the events have deepened my faith…and I am having some positive impact on pupils and staff’


‘Seriously thinking of leaving…I feel rejuvenated and inspired to continue’


‘Staff formation is now my priority…friendships and connections made through NSF will not disappear’


‘I am changed, I am inspired, and I am moved beyond measure’


‘Meeting with like-minded people and inspiring people like Brendan and Sr. Judith has changed me and empowered me to be ‘of the Church’


‘The programme has made me realise I have the power to transform the lives of others’ ‘I know my own priorities and it has transformed the core work of my school putting Christ and his teachings at the heart’