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Headteachers’ National Retreats


Catholic Head Teachers’ National Retreats

The creation of the Catholic Head Teachers’ National Retreat came about as a result of a national consultation across all sectors of the educating community as how best to support head teachers in these challenging times.


The need to nourish, strengthen and support the spiritual wellbeing of head teachers was identified as a key priority.  To date the retreats have proved to be very successful and at the request of the participants have been further developed to include governors.


Flowing from each retreat experience is the possibility of identifying personal spiritual guides for individual retreatants if they so wish.  These spiritual guides accompany head teachers meeting with their personal spiritual guides when requested.






2020 National Headteachers' Retreat


The challenge of discipleship today

The Right Reverend Bishop John Arnold

11th - 12th June 2020

Coombe Abbey Hotel




2020 Information Leaflet

2020 Retreat booking form

Feedback from the 2018 Headteachers' National Retreat

Discovering the Divine Life - Fr Simon Bishop SJ


     Thank you. Fr Simon – what a gentle, powerful leader. He was so encouraging   and accepting. I felt very comfortable and welcome. I’ve not experienced      anything like this before. I enjoyed the permission to take time and space with no ‘to do’ list at the end! Thank you.


     Thank you. This was unexpected, challenging but needed.


     A real Retreat, not a Conference which is what it should be.


     A perfect location with welcome opportunities and time to contemplate, reflect and pray.


     Thank you so much for another wonderful Retreat. It is a special spiritual experience and enables me to further enhance my prayer life and that of the school.


     Fr Simon’s talks reminded me of the value of listening, thoughtful listening, to others, to myself, to God.


     CJM were superb – many thanks; they made the whole experience even more special.

2016 Catholic Headteachers' National Retreat