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In-service and training for Catholic schools

EducareM is a small charity but is now well established and offers training for Catholic schools across a wide range of topics:


1.  Spiritual, moral, social, cultural education and citizenship.

Enabling curriculum and middle leaders to identify and map SMSC across the curriculum for delivery, assessment and reporting. Ofsted Section 5 and 48.


2.  Training for middle and senior leadership.

Personalised and group support, preparation for interviews, conference speakers and providers.


3.  Training for aspiring deputies and head teachers.

Personalised and group support which focuses on the particular role of leadership in a Catholic school.


4.  Developing the Catholic life of the school.

Whole school reviews and evaluation. Training in understanding the mission of the Church in education. Contextualising learning in beliefs and values and developing all aspects of the Catholic life of the school. 


5.  Reviewing and developing the mission statement.

Whole school review days involving pupils, all staff, governors and parents in order to create a new mission statement.


6.  Developing chaplaincy through pupil and lay chaplaincy teams in school.

EducareM has developed new and innovative pupil led chaplaincy provision for Primary, Secondary and High schools. Training is available for setting up the Chaplaincy and training for the team.


7.  Developing Religious Education across all Key Stages through creativity, higher order thinking skills and independent learning.

Personalised training and support is available for Catholic schools at all key stages in the development of RE, SMSC, PSHE and Citizenship in line with the Religious Education Curriculum Directory.


8.  Developing the role of support staff in a Catholic School.

Support staff are key to the learning of many pupils.  EducareM offers training for all support staff in how they may make a particular contribution to the Catholic life of the school, in both supporting and leading innovation and development.


9.  Training for all staff in how to develop prayer and worship.

EducareM offers all staff, regardless of background, ways in which they can develop their understanding of prayer and enable pupils to pray in ways which are contemporary and appropriate to their age group.


10.  Governor training in the Church's mission in education.

EducareM has produced resources for the training of governing bodies and in-service programmes which enable governing bodies to better understand their primary responsibilities as guardians of the faith.  See also "How to Survive as a Governor in a Catholic School". Sr Judith Russi.  Redemptorist Publications.


11.  Supporting schools in preparing for OFSTED section 48 (SMSC Section 5 and 48)

EducareM provides a review service of the curriculum and Catholic life of the school to aid Head teachers in making informed and accurate judgements about their school.  At the same time and as part of the process, supports teachers and curriculum leaders in the delivery of RE and SMSC.


12.  In-service days for Catholic schools.  Caritas in Action.

EducareM will provide whole staff in service days developing their mission and understanding of their role as a Catholic school in the transformation of society today.  Supporting materials: "Caritas in Action" Implementing the social teaching of the Church in the UK - developing understanding of the 7 main themes of the Social teaching of the Church.



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