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Providing support for spiritual accompaniment


What is a spiritual guide?

A spiritual guide is someone who is trained to walk with a person as they seek to develop their own spiritual life and growth. Their role is to support, encourage and be the companion on the road to discovering how God is working in and through them.



How would this benefit a Head teacher?

Today the challenge of headship is considerable in all schools. In a Catholic school it can sometimes feel even greater.  A spiritual guide helps you to reflect and discern key moments in your life. Through their assistance, the focus is on your ministry as the leader of a faith community enabling you to see where God may be calling you as you engage in the Church’s mission in education. As a Catholic Head teacher you are part of something much greater than simply leading a school. This is where a spiritual guide is so important.



What it is not

A spiritual guide is not a mentor or coach.




Comments from Heads 2013

I have told myself for the last six years of Headship that I have not got time to do this. I'm too busy. It is too much of an indulgence....I was wrong !


The Spiritual Guide is an excellent idea. One I have considered before but never managed to arrange. Now I can.


I already have one and I think it is marvellous to offer it to others.





For those who would like to have a personal spiritual guide please contact: Maggie Shinkwin